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Expression Workshop- Casa Betania – Malaga, April 16th-17th 2024

Expression Workshop- Casa Betania – Malaga, April 16th-17th 2024

Casa Betania is a project of La Merced Migraciones Foundation that welcomes a group of young asylum seekers (18-25 y/o) of different nationalities. Invited by Michel Bustillo and Sara García, we had the opportunity to spend two days of exchange with the young people in this space that constitutes a model of respectful and dignified reception where they feel at home. During a first collective discussion session, we tackled various issues of concern to them: the asylum application, access to work, leaving the centre, external housing, getting a residence status, mental health, religion, sport, the need to be patient, the importance of having friends, how to integrate into society, etc.

In a second session organised with the help of Angie, Humberto and Natalia, we proposed a first time of collective drawing in free format and a time of expression around two topics: firstly, what are the positive aspects of their new life in Europe; secondly, what other aspects are not so positive and they would like to be able to change?

Work in progress

The results are detailed below. Huge thanks to the young people and volunteers for this beautiful collective achievement.


From left to right and from top to bottom : Drawings by Luis Carlos, Angie, Mohammed, Bananding, Natalia and Humberto.


From left to right and from top to bottom : Drawings by Macan, Omar, Marian, Mohammed, Natalia, Daniel, Adi, Mouhamed

“What I like about Europe is the quality of life and the opportunities given to people to grow internally. What I don’t like is that I see a certain unconsciousness in basic actions of society” (Luis Carlos, Colombia).

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“I feel calm and confident -> positive. I remain without work and without papers for me in Spain. I am confident in my efforts, I am opening doors that I don’t see yet” (Mohammed, Senegal).

“I like the protections. And help to know how to speak languages. And trainings. The most important thing is the papers. The people who are refused. How are they going to improve their situation?” (Bananding, Senegal).

“Here in Spain without papers you can’t make a contract to work, I don’t like that. Here you live as you want, there is peace and quiet. There are good things, that’s why I like it” (Macan, Mali).

“My name is Omar Camara, since I arrived in Europe, especially in Spain, my life has changed completely. I have seen many things and I realised many things. About life in Europe and in Africa, it’s not the same, because if you don’t have papers you can’t work” (Omar, Guinea).

“There are more opportunities. Higher standard of living. Good infrastructure. There are some cold, less friendly people” (Marian, Romania)

“There are many opportunities available here to work. At the same time if there are no papers, there are no good jobs” (Mohammed, Morocco).

“Security. To be well. Change not having a job, be able to work” (Adi, Senegal)

“This goes to all migrants who had to leave their countries in search of a better future. Resist. That is what you have left. Courage. Lots of strength. My family who are far away. I just want to tell them that they are my everything and my strength. You don’t know how much I miss you. Living far away is not easy but I know that I am fulfilling my dreams. Every day that goes by I can’t wait to see you all. I can’t wait to hug you. I love you” (Mouhamed, Senegal).

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