Observatoire de la migration de mineurs


In collaboration with the cartoonist Maxime Jeune, this book presents the main results of the Positive Migration project for the period 2020-2021. You will discover the genesis of our questions, our way of exploring them through a participative methodology with the involvement of young migrants, the rich encounters that this project generated, and a first analysis on the positive sides of the migratory experience on different territories. 

The text was written by Louis Fernier and Daniel Senovilla and illustrated by the drawings and dialogues of Maxime Jeune, who reinterprets with humour and accuracy the realities we encountered in the field.  

With the aim of addressing to a wide and varied public, including academics and professionals interested in migration issues, the book “Migration Positive” also seeks to raise awareness among the general public by offering a different image – far from the conflicts, controversies and biased realities – of the positive contributions of the presence of migrants in our societies.  

The book can be downloaded from the following link:

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